Client Inquiry Form Template

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A client inquiry form is one of the primary ways to capture your ideal clients contact information, so that you can initiate a therapy consultation.

What’s Included

✔   12-Page Google Doc filled with 8 comprehensive writing prompts to help you draft questions for your client inquiry form

You'll learn which questions to include in your client inquiry form and how to craft time-saving screening questions

✔   20-Minute Side-by-Side Video Guide includes a walk-through example of how to create time-saving screening questions, how a client inquiry form fits into your ability to attract, acquire, and retain clients, and an explanation of marketing terms & principles redefined.


Caseload Data Tracking Sheet - there’s a lot of data that is generated out of using a client inquiry form template, and this information will help you determine what direction to go in your practice

Tech Tools Video Overview - Don’t you hate it when you learn something new and then you’re told, “oh wait there’s more” meaning more money to spend to make the thing you just bought want to work. Well, in this tech tool video overview, you’ll know exactly what you need in order to infuse this time-saving strategy into your private practice.

Who is This For?

This Client Inquiry Form Template is for mental health therapists in solo private practice who have a website and the website is either missing a client inquiry form or has a client inquiry form that is not consistently attracting members of their ideal client population.

Who is This Not For?

This Client Inquiry Form is not appropriate for therapists who own, operate, or work within a group therapy practice. Also, feel free to skip this purchase, if you don't offer therapy consultations

10-Day Test Drive

You'll have a total of 10 days to get a feel for how this tracking sheet fits into your practice.

Within 10 days of your purchase, if you decide the item didn't meet your needs, all you have to do is offer one suggestion on how to improve the item and then you'll receive a refund.

Can't get much better than that! 

Client Inquiry Form Template

Client Inquiry Form Template

Regular price $147.00
Sale price $147.00 Regular price