Group Coaching Membership for Solo Private Practice Therapists

Now you can have consistent referrals & predictable revenue without working around the clock.

Curious what every therapist in full-time private practice needs to know about creating a sustainable business?

Read on to find out

You already know what to do DURING the therapy session— come on, that’s the whole reason why
you went to grad school.

*let’s unpack that* *can you say more about that* …

you’ve got your therapy toolkit filled + stellar clinical skills on point. BUT—

Do you know the 3 action steps to take before, during, & after you activate your therapy hat to prevent ….

  • Decision-making Fatigue

    You know that exhausted feeling that sets in after a long day of back-back sessions. Even choosing what’s for dinner feels daunting, when you use your brain all day.

  • Comparison-itis

    Fearfully, analyzing the actions of your peers, trying to shove all your creative genius into a “we’ve always done it this way” rigid + outdated model, limits both your client's growth & your business acumen.

  • Frugal Fever

    You’ve sabotaged your efforts for growth by pinching pennies and calling it being “fiscally responsible” despite needing to invest in tools that will save you valuable time & help you make a livable wage.

  • Shiny Object Syndrome

    Chasing every opportunity to take your private practice to the next level, but instead of shattering the glass ceiling with new insights, your proverbial elevator seems to be on the fritz, sending you down into a dank basement of confusion.

And here you are sitting with buyer's remorse, asking yourself

“Was starting a private practice *really* worth it!?”

You thought you waved goodbye to the days of being overworked and underpaid when you said hello to being your own boss and you're tired of riding the here today/gone tomorrow referral-revenue struggle bus. 

When you were daydreaming about running your own private practice, you didn’t think you’d have to figure out how to overcome 

➡️ inconsistent client inquiries and experience the endless saga of will they/won’t they reach out to SAY YES to work with you, or

➡️ unpredictable cash flow that makes you check your account balance more than a wannabe influencer checks their follower count.

Frankly it's getting a *little* old and has casted a cloud of doubt on your former self and their ambitious spirit.

^^^ Let’s just say, this was NOT on your vision board.

Hang in there, friend. Don’t give up, because you’re on the brink of something great

Picture waking up feeling energized and ready to take on the day.

You have a manageable schedule because you're finally  confident enough to say “No” (without sending yourself on a guilt trip) to a potential client that you know is not a good fit for your skillset.

And instead of feeling afraid of disappointing a therapy-seeker you hear “thank you” as you confidently refer them to a trusted therapist in your referral network

and wait a sec... 

Is that a week-long out-of-office memo that you just popped on your calendar because you have no fear about the state of your caseload and your finances are on point?

Speaking of money, did you know that...

82% of businesses fail due to inconsistent & unpredictable cash flow?


You know that avoiding the business-side of private practice, like it’s a rotten hot potato, won’t get you closer to where you want to be. 

You can expect consistent and predictable cash flow, when you...

promote your practice to your ideal client & make meaningful connections with your referral network.

And you’ve already proven to yourself that you can be consistent because

you know how to show up for your clients week after week, you know that being consistent is the key to what ails you, and you know you need a little help getting there and staying there,

And that's exactly why I created
The Thriving Therapist Collaborative

The Thriving Therapist Collaborative is a group coaching membership that walks you through a proven 3-tiered approach that helps solo private practice owners generate consistent client inquiries from reliable referral sources that ultimately lead to predictable revenue.

This strategic framework was specifically designed for values-driven mental health therapists in full-time private practice who are eager to have a thriving business without working around the clock, so that they can live their life, not watch it pass them by.

Each month, you’ll walk away with,

⭐ A custom strategic marketing plan that you can put on auto-pilot

⭐ A clear vision for where you want to go in your career and business

⭐ A confident perspective that vital tasks are no longer falling through the cracks, and 

⭐A content strategy that resonates with your target population, regardless of your scope of practice, and 

⭐ An organized approach to getting things done without having to mutate yourself into a Type-A personality with an extroverted temperament.

I like my strategy, like I like my cake, in 3-layers

Let's talk specifics

You can't wrong when you use my proven approach - The A.C.E. Method

Layer 1


Connecting with Your Ideal Client: You’ll demystify the term niche, once and for all and really understand who you are talking to and what are you offering them, and why they should work with you. 

Creating Marketing Content: Even if you don’t think you’re creative, you have a unique perspective that deserves to be heard because your future therapy clients are looking for you as we speak. 

Promoting Your Practice: It would be a fool's errand to teach you how to create content without showing you how you’re going to reach your ideal client. Hate social media? No problem here bc you'll learn how to get the word out in the way that aligns with you.

Layer 2


Therapy Consultations: Not knowing how to recognize and connect with your ideal client during a therapy consultation will undermine all the effort you put into your strategic marketing plan. We’ll make sure that you’re entering into each and every consultation feeling confident to say "No" when necessary. 

Caseload Data: You have to know your numbers in order to know if you’re getting closer to where you want to be. Making numbers make sense (and cents) will become second nature.

Layer 3

Client Experience

Client Experience: Offering high-quality care is important and with the increase in telehealth, people have more options than ever. The way a client feels before, during, and after a session is important, so we’ll take a look at how your potential and current clients  navigate and perceive the therapeutic experience you’ve created. 

Policies & Protocols: It might be uncomfortable to admit, but if you don’t have guidelines and expectations, your well-oiled machine can go left really quick. You might not be accustomed to being the one in charge, but you know more than anyone that boundaries keep us safe, so let’s iron out more of what you need -- your schedule, availability, time off, rates, to name a few --- in order to keep your private practice going.

You'll implement your ideas along the way

Here’s how we’re going to apply the specifics to your unique private practice

Warm Welcome Call

You’ll receive a 1:1 guided tour and some goodies to help you evaluate the current state of your private practice. Finding the overlap between what’s working well and what needs to be enhanced will set you on the right path. (Value $229)

Community Portal

This is where accountability and camaraderie meet, in this online forum you’ll share your progress with your peers and receive feedback on your work in between the group coaching calls (Value $159)

LIVE Group Coaching

We’ll gather together for 2 hours each month, to discuss your challenges and celebrate your wins. (Value $673)

^^ This is how consistency happens

Ultimately, this is what you can look forward to

Effortless Automation

From manual  to auto-pilot, your weekly to-do list will continue to shrink as we put vital tasks into place like managing client inquiries, creating marketing content, so that you can actually rest on your day off.

Sustainable Consistency

You'll be able to put your feet and business on solid ground, once you have a custom strategy retrofitted with effortless automations. 

No more burn and churn to earn a nickel. 

With this winning combo,  there's no way you won't have sustainable consistency.

Custom Strategy

DIY and on your own solutions definitely have their time and place but when you’re in Referrals to Revenue, you’re receiving customized strategy - because not all private practices are the same.

And let’s talk about the extras

Bonus #1

Fine Tune Your Niche Guide

If you’re working with clients and still feel a tad unclear about what your niche is, or you know exactly what your niche is, but you haven't quite figured out how to communicate it so that your existing network remembers what you do and stops sending you the wrong type of clients, this guide will help clarify who your clinical skills are well-aligned to serve.

(Value $197)

Bonus #2

Elevate Your Brand Kit

There’s tons of business buzzwords out there but the simplified definition of “having a brand” is “knowing your values”. With the Elevate Your Brand Kit, you’ll attract the therapy clients and clinical colleagues that get what you’re trying do, without trying too hard to get them to see who you are and where you stand. (Value $197)

Hear what therapists have to say

I created Referrals to Revenue because I wanted to work with more therapists like Leslie & Robin - see what they have to say about what it's like to work with me.

Leslie S. she/they

“Now I feel like I can meet my needs”

Before reaching out to Aisha, I felt doomed to repeat the exploitative practices that burned me out from agency work.  Now, I feel like I can meet my needs without feeling guilty or compromising my integrity. Aisha has the ability to simplify complex and emotionally-fraught decisions using data and values-based frameworks. She’ll walk you through this process and customize everything to your needs, values, and aspirations.

Robin H. she/her

“You cannot go wrong”

“I chose to reach out to Aisha because she’s an expert in the field. I was ready to take on a new venture, but unsure about the right path. She has compassion, insight, knowledge, and passion. My favorite part about working with Aisha is her fresh take on my skills and tasks to rebrand myself. You cannot go wrong.

The Thriving Therapist Collaborative was created by a private practice strategist who’s had their own therapy practice featured in

If you’re thinking, 'if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it right?' Well, not quite.

History doesn’t have to repeat itself, but sure you could continue to...

Pretend that everything’s all right & fake it til you make it, because no one * really knows* that you’re behind on your billing, therapy notes, phone calls, and emails. You look the part so that’s all that matters, right?

Scroll on TikTok & Instagram, telling yourself that you’re doing “research” for content creation, when you actually have *no idea* what to post and are stuck comparing yourself to influencers. 

Chase shiny objects that seem to work for other therapists, knowing deep down in your soul that when you try to apply rigid tips & tricks that lack context, you’ve wasted your time, yet again. 

Repeat to yourself “next year, things will be different”, while you're stuck doing the same thing, expecting a different result. You know that’s the definition of (don’t worry I won’t say it!)

You may look like a therapist that has it all figured out

🗸 therapy website published

🗸 therapy directories polished

🗸 therapy office professionally styled

🗸 therapy clients promptly arriving to session

🗸 therapists scheduled for networking calls + meet & greets

Honestly those ^^ are just THE BASICS 


But can I tell you something? Real talk----

If your business doesn't standout AND
have consistent inquiries from ideal clients & consistent cash flow,
you won’t have a business for much longer.

You’re intrigued and wondering,

“So, how much does this cost?”

Inside The Thriving Therapist Collaborative you’ll receive

Warm Welcome Call (Value $229)

LIVE Group Coaching (Value $673)

Community Portal (Value $159)

Fine Tune Your Niche Guide (Value $197)

Elevate Your Brand Kit  (Value $197)

If mental math isn’t your thing, let me do the honors

When you add it all up it's a value of $1,455... but you can get all of this for just

Most Flexible


Billed Monthly

Best Value


Billed Quarterly

Ready to have MORE Consistency
in 2023 (and Beyond)?

Balancing our clinical skills with entrepreneurship is vital to staying in this work

See what values-driven therapists have to say about what it's like to learn from Aisha

“I don’t know if I would be doing therapy if it was not for her encouragement…”

I don’t know if I would be doing therapy if it was not for her encouragement of my skills and how she helped challenge and grow me as a clinician. She really stretched me to think outside of my 9-5 job and the skills I was using every day. Aisha adds immense value to the supervision experience. She is wise and thoughtful. She is an excellent group facilitator and took special care for the group dynamics that made the learning so rich. It is an incredible value for the money.

Amanda K. she/her

 “I felt seen, heard and valued…”

My favorite part about working with Aisha is her level of professionalism, organization and warmth. I felt seen, heard and valued as a supervisee and attribute my growth as a clinician to the depth of supervision she provided. She asked critical questions that challenged me and ultimately helped me to provide better care for my clients.

-Kimberly H. she/her

“You are a gem”

I was already running my own business when I started working with her, and she helped me streamline my intake assessment process and build an online presence. I can tell Aisha cares about me as a human and not just as a therapist.  She's honest, supportive, and will call me out on my biases.

-Liz N. she/her

Integrity Guarantee + 10-day Test Drive

I encourage therapists to establish their private practice with values at the foundation of their business and the same applies to me because I truly, practice what I teach.

The 6-min application is there to make sure that you are a great fit for The Thriving Therapist Collaborative and if not, I’ll make alternative recommendations on how I can support you.  

If we’ve both decided that Referrals to Revenue is a match, that's your green light to officially reserve your spot.

Within 10 days of signing up, if you decide that your goals are going in a different direction, you can request a full refund.

And who’s gonna be the maven walking with you side-by-side as you cultivate your path to a thriving private practice?

Hey There!

I’m Aisha R. Shabazz,

a private practice strategist that is ready to help stellar therapists like you implement a customized approach in your business so that you can keep the private practice, you worked so hard to build.

As a medical social worker turned full-time private practice owner, I know a thing or two about creating sustainable systems that work for clients and clinicians.

If you’re looking for more consistency…

You’ve come to the right place.

join today!

Everything isn’t for everybody, that’s why

I'm not going to sit here & say that this experience is for everyone

We might just be a match made in consistency heaven if you have

✔️tried to be consistent but it only lasts for as long as your energy will allow

✔️ realized that what you’re currently doing is NOT getting you closer to your goals

✔️Decided that you want your private practice to last at least 10+ years

✔️ Understand that promoting your practice is non-negotiable

The Thriving Therapist Collaborative is not a match if you have

❌ No plans to have a website for your therapy practice

❌ No plans to own and operate a full-time private practice

❌ No plans to run your private practice like a business

❌ No plans to make data-driven decisions 

❌ No plans to empathetically ask questions of yourself and others 

Long story short, please exit stage left if, you’d prefer to be spoonfed how to run your business without ever having to lift a finger to make it happen or you’re groaning at the thought of completing a brief 6-minute application in order to be considered for Referrals to Revenue.

But if you’re ready to
leave your woes behind, and

say “yes please” to putting in a
smidge of sweat equity, 

eager to rest easy every night knowing that the moment you wake up and before you put on your makeup,

(I dare you to name that tune😉 )

that your career and cash flow are exactly where you want them to be,

I’m not a mindreader, but I’m sure you’re thinking up some questions, like…

What time do the LIVE calls take place?

We’ll have two hours of group calls per month and most calls take place on Tuesdays at 11am.

I don’t know if I can spend that right now. Is there a payment plan available?

You can pay $300 per month or pay $675 every 3 months, which will save you $225.

I’ve never been consistent and I’m always starting things and never finishing them. Can you help me?

You show up for your clients week after week, so you already have what it takes to be consistent. I’m confident that you’ll be able to create new habits and enhance current ones by focusing on what you’re already good at.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, you’ll have 10 days from your purchase to request a refund. 

I don’t think I have time for this. How much time will this take?

If your business is getting in the way of you running your business, Houston we have a problem and frankly, all signs are pointing to you being a great fit for Referrals to Revenue. On average you’ll need at least 1.5 hours a week. And if you still don’t think you have time, check your screentime notifications for TikTok & Instagram and get back to me. 😉

What if I’m not in full-time private practice—will I be missing out?

The Thriving Therapist Collaborative was created for therapists who own and operate a private practice on a full-time basis - meaning their primary source of income is generated by their business - and are charging at least $150 - $225 per therapy session. If you're currently seeing clients part-time or working for a group practice & aspire to go full-time within the next year, the strategies covered will help you make a more seamless switch into full-time private practice.

How long do I get access to the group coaching calls?

As long as you’re an active member in The Thriving Therapist Collaborative, you will be able to join the LIVE group coaching calls and have on-demand access to the video replays.

What if I need individual support?

Once your application is approved, you have the option of adding on individual coaching for an additional $899 per month, which has a minimum 3 month commitment.

Where are the group calls held?

The LIVE  group calls are held on Zoom, something we’re all very familiar with at this stage of the game,  so that you can add context to your questions, and receive feedback from your peers by taking yourself off mute.

I’m terrible with technology and not familiar with Circle. Why isn’t there a community portal on Facebook or Kajabi?

Many of the therapists I enjoy working with are not active on Facebook - the main reason being they find it adds too many distractions and takes their time and attention away from their business and life. It’s important to me to help therapists like you to be consistent so that you can receive the consistency you want and need, so by having a community portal that’s disconnected from a social media platform, helps to reduce shiny object syndrome.  

Despite being a relatively new platform in comparison to Facebook and Kajabi, Circle has over 8 Million customers across 175 countries. When you’re accepted into Referrals to Revenue, you’ll receive a personalized guided tour during your Warm Welcome Call, so that you can see how simple it is to use and will feel prepared to ask questions and access the community calendar. 

Circle also has a user-friendly iOS App that you can download.

I noticed that marketing is a part of this process. Do I have to market my practice on social media?

Nope, but we’ll talk about the pros and cons of varying marketing channels so that you make the best choice for you.

I have more questions—how can I get in touch?

You can submit your questions through the merigold yellow chat bubble in the lower right hand corner or email

Still crossing your fingers every time you  

awkwardly post on social media, reluctantly attend a networking call, or embarrassingly publish a blog,

hoping *this* will be the moment your phone rings off the hook & your inbox fills up with client inquiries only to feel frustrated, lost, & on the verge of saying goodbye to private practice and hello, again to the 9 to 5 lifestyle?

You felt like you were on the verge of making private practice work, but the myth and mysticism of “starting a private practice is so easy” got in the way of you realizing that running a business can be challenging.

But, I’m here to tell you that

running a private practice doesn’t
have to be complicated.

With your stellar clinical skills, a supportive community, a strategic coach, & a dollop of elbow grease,

you can create a sustainable business without having to work around the clock.

Inside The Thriving Therapist Collaborative you’ll receive

Warm Welcome Call (Value $229)

LIVE Group Coaching (Value $673)

Community Portal (Value $159)

Fine Tune Your Niche Guide (Value $197)

Elevate Your Brand Kit  (Value $197)

Most Flexible


Billed Monthly

Best Value


Billed Quarterly

Save yourself the time and effort of flying solo and join The Thriving Therapist Collaborative so that you can reach your ultimate goal of achieving consistent and predictable referrals and revenue.