Tired of DIY'ing + Boot-strapping your Private Practice?

More than 65% of therapists leave the field after 2 years, so if you want to your private practice to last, you have to stop treating your practice like an expensive hobby & start treating it like a business.

You're more than capable of creating a sustainable pracitce, filled with flexiblity and freedom, and you don't have to do it alone.

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What does it mean to be a Thriving Therapist?

You can define "thriving" in many ways, and for the founder of The Thriving Therapist Shop, this is what being a Thriving Therapist means to her...

"You don't have to sacrifice your health, well-being, & livelihood for your career"

Aisha R. Shabazz (she/her), Founder of The Thriving Therapist Shop

Being a therapist in full-time private practice, can be intense, isolating, and overwhelmingly time-consuming, and it can also be enjoyable, effortless, and liberating, and that's why The Thriving Therapist Shop exists.

Before starting my solo private practice, I spent my days, nights and weekends toggling between feeling passionate about my career and burntout by the cycle of employee exploitation.

When I was ready to cultivate my path towards private practice, I made myself one promise - that I would never endure the same level of mistreatment, toxicity, exploitation, and burnout that I experienced when I worked as an employee for someone else.

The time, energy, and effort I was spending sacrificing myself for the sake of the bottom line was taking its toll and I knew my time on Earth was worth more than a tear soaked cardigan.

Starting a private practice gave me the flexiblity and freedom that I needed to have a Thriving life and I want the same for you.

The Thriving Therapist Shop is dedicated to helping stellar therapists like you thrive and by helping you use the limited amount of time you have more wisely, you too can build and keep a sustainable burnout-proof practice.

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