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Meet Your New Private Practice Bestie! Founder of The Thriving Therapist Shop

Hey There! I'm Aisha.

Before starting my solo private practice, I spent my days, nights and weekends toggling between feeling passionate and burnt out by my career.

The time, energy, and effort spent sacrificing myself for a paycheck and a pat on the back was taking its toll and I knew my time on Earth was worth more than a tear soaked cardigan.

Starting a Private Practice allowed me to not only recover from my career burnout, it allowed me to have a more enjoyable, effortless, and liberating lifestyle, and that's why The Thriving Therapist Shop exists.

My small yet mighty team is dedicated to helping stellar therapists like you thrive by helping you use the limited amount of time you have more wisely, you too can build and keep a sustainable, burnout-proof practice.

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