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Client Inquiry Form Template

Pre-screen potential clients on auto-pilot and add some sparkle + shine to your website by installing a client inquiry form.  

Tired of playing email and phone tag? You can put down the phone + close the laptop with this time-saver. 

Not sure if your marketing is working? Once you craft your screening questions, you’ll see inquiries constantly pouring in from your ideal client population.

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Template Test Drive

Risk-free Returns

Take these time-saving templates for a spin without risking it all. Notice a misalignment between your purchase & your private practice goals? Submit a refund request within 10 days of purchase & we'll take care of the rest.

Always fresh, never stale

Unlimited Updates

The world of mental health, marketing, and entrepreneurship are always changing - that's why each template that remains in stock includes unlimited updates so that you can stay-up-to-date with the latest trends.

Low cashflow? No problem!

Flexible Payment Plans

You don't have to let your current cash flow prevent you from building a thriving private practice. With flexible payment plans, you can access your purchase today while splitting your purchase into 4 easy payments.

Meet the Founder of The Thriving Therapist Shop

Hey There! I'm Aisha.

Before starting my full-time solo private practice, I spent my days, nights and weekends rockin' + rollin' as a medical social worker--- toggling between feeling passionate about my career & exhausted by the never-ending workload.

The time, energy, and effort I spent sacrificing myself for a paycheck and a pat on the back started to take its toll and I knew my time on Earth was worth more than a tear soaked cardigan.

Starting a Private Practice allowed me to not only recover from my career burnout, it allowed me to have a more enjoyable, effortless, and liberating lifestyle, and that's why The Thriving Therapist Shop exists.

My small yet mighty team is dedicated to helping stellar therapists like you thrive by helping you use the limited amount of time you have more wisely, so that you too can build and keep a sustainable practice.

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Thriving on Your Terms

Where would you like to Thrive?

Yup, individual coaching is back…for some of us, it never left.  

Customized support for your private practice

Created with your privacy & convenience in mind & filled with a 3-tiered formula that’s professionally-designed + therapist-tested, this virtual table for two has become sort of a fan favorite.


Get in on the fun with a strategy-backed approach, because even if being a private practice therapist can seem a *tad* complex (I’ll walk you through every bit!), there’s good reason: we have to focus on how to ethically blend our clinical skills with entrepreneurship. 


When it comes to running a sustainable private practice, this private coaching is anything but ordinary.

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